The Techsplainer Series: Home Building Tech Trends

This week on the Tech Cat Show we kick off a monthly series with Jeanette Depatie, The Techsplainer. Jeanette is a long time technology writer and consultant helping Fortune 500 companies move through a variety of challenges with new technology. This month, she’ll share with us the top ten tech trends impacting home building straight from insights working with PCBC, a trade show dedicated to advancing the art, science and business of housing. PCBC is the largest homebuilding trade show representing the west coast region and every year in June is housed at the Moscone Center to showcase the latest for real estate professionals and home builders. There’s always alot to learn when The Techsplainer visits the Tech Cat Show.
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About PCBC –

About PCBC

Dedicated to advancing the art, science and business of housing, PCBC is the largest homebuilding tradeshow representing the west coast region.

In our 60+ year history, we’ve grown from a small educational conference at San Francisco’s Sheraton Palace Hotel to a powerful, annual business exchange of 10,000+ industry professionals with industry-leading education, products, and networking.

Whether this is your first PCBC (the Pacific Coast Builders Conference), or you’re a 20+ year veteran —we welcome you to Moscone Center!

Top 10 Home Building Trends 
from PCBC

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About Jeanette

Jeanette DePatie is a professional techsplainer and propellerhead whisperer who knows how to talk and write about technology and helps engineers learn to do the same. For over two decades Jeanette DePatie has served as a pioneer in marketing, interactive technology and content development; combining three different yet uniquely complimentary skill sets. She has a deep and abiding love for all things technical. She has a clear understanding of marketing including how to explain really complicated stuff and how to get people to buy incredibly complicated stuff. And she knows how to create compelling content.