A true ‘Technology Catalyst’, one of the funniest Marketing Speakers you’ll ever hear, Lori H. Schwartz delivers content with humor, giving your strategy and marketing teams the information they need to keep ahead of their competitors.

Omg! Is That Dead Already? The Impact Of Technology On Marketing And Consumer Trends

The march of technology innovation has always been about making life better, facilitating every day activities in communications and commerce whether between individuals, audiences or consumers brands. 2015 is the year when many of the things we have imagined from smart homes, micro-medicine and extreme personalization to augmented and virtual realities have become real, driving many of these synergies to new levels. Tracking what’s real and what’s hype has always been a challenge. You don’t want to miss the boat but you don’t want to invest in the wrong activations. This talk will help shape your perspective on how to move through these disruptive times.

Marketing and Technology Trends Keynote

  • What is the impact of the exponential growth of technology on businesses and brands?
  • How is millennial behavior affecting businesses beyond just marketing channels?
  • How do you keep ahead and stay focused while being mindful of your current business needs?

Do I Really Have To Learn Mandarin? Tech Trends From The Us And China

While globalization makes technology accessible, factors such as culture, the state of economic growth, regional differences and specific geographic challenges mean that some trends are more relevant and may rise faster than others. China is an exploding juggernaut for consumption of all consumer goods and is leading the way with new social behaviors and mobile technology trends but North America has some interesting twists and turns that are revolutionary as well.

China Vs. US Marketing and Technology Trends Keynote.

    • What are the different social trends that are impacting both regions?
    • How do I localize while still being mindful of globalization?
    • How do we interpret and leverage the right activations?

What, Another Platform? The Future Of Content Marketing

It’s overwhelming! Everyday a new social media platform launches, new content sites and new consumer behaviors that make it difficult to keep up with the latest marketing trends. If you’re interested in communicating your business online (and who isn’t ), you can’t escape hearing about content marketing. It’s everywhere but what does content marketing actually mean.

Content Marketing Keynote, Marketing Innovation Trends Keynote

    • How to define the steps for creating a content strategy?
    • How do you determine what platform, what strategy, what demo?
    • How do you create a program where constant change is the norm?

Content “Smatent”… How Do I Get People To Look At My Stuff.

Effective leaders of social movements and social enterprises know that narrative is the most powerful form of communication, because stories have been used to teach and lead people since humans first developed the capacity for language. But now were in an era where the liner path is no longer the answer towards communicating your company’s value proposition.

Content Strategy Trends Keynote

  • What’s the next big thing in storytelling?
  • How do you really grab the attention of your coveted audience and keep them.
  • What’s real and what’s hype in new content opportunities and how to leverage them.

Does Your Company Have ADHD?

ADHD is sweeping the nation and not just with our kids and adults. There are great opportunities, great technologies, great managers, and even great companies that are suffering from a lack of focus and an inability to stay on task. In a disruptive marketplace where new tech and new consumer behaviors are around the corner, only focused and leveled headed companies are winning.

Business Innovation, Thought Leadership, Inspirational and Motivational Keynote

  • How do you recognize and treat ADHD in your company?
  • What tools can you put in place to activate a solid test and learn practice?
  • How can you focus fanatic energy while still maintaining its creative force?

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