Meme Content Marketing - Tactics to Drive Engagement

This week on the Tech Chat Show we chat with Mitch Chaiet on meme content (pieces of content that replicate and evolve ideas) for self promotion, audience engagement, and brand awareness. Mitch just graduated from UT’s film school studying disinformation and digital campaigns and is an expert on Memes. Memes have evolved from simple images with text to more elaborate things such as gifs, challenges or viral videos. Mitch will share how to leverage the meme economy by learning effective strategies for utilizing derivative, user-generated, and peer-to-peer (memetic) content to your advantage. And we’ll discuss how the current environment is playing off these same memes. You’ll learn alot from digging into memes with Mitch Chaiet on the Tech Cat Show.
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Mitch's Resources

Part of Mitch’s “disinformation research”  which will help to develop investigation tools.



About Mitch

Mitch Chaiet just graduated from UT’s film school studying disinformation and digital campaigns. He analyzed how Russian organizations like the IRA weaponized memes to spread disinformation during the 2016 Presidential election. Mitch was able to “reverse engineer” the content sourcing, creation methodology, and targeting.” For an example of how he collected, organized, analyzed and visualized the 3,500 ads submitted to Congress for analysis of their use on Facebook, please view his interactive report here (desktop only): In his spare time, he has continued his studies of digital disinformation tactics with focus on the weaponization of manufactured content and its amplification through social media profiles and non-human traffic (bots).