The New Explosion in Tech Based Fitness

On this week’s Tech Cat Show we’ll dig into the exciting world of tech-based fitness. We’ll discuss how the adoption of that tech is accelerating in the current ‘stay at home’ environment. We’ll be joined by Mike Pierce, CEO of Regatta Fitness, a Boston company that offers live and on-demand rowing-based, cross-training classes through an interactive iPhone and iPad app. Mike will share details about the technology behind Regatta’s on demand app and we’ll hear from him on the emergence of tech-based fitness offerings that bring the boutique gym experience into the home. We’ll learn alot about the new trend in home and tech based fitness with Mike Pierce, from Regatta Fitness, on the Tech Cat Show.

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Mike brings a 20+ year career building digital experiences for retail brands and enterprise customers to Regatta. He was most recently an executive at Fidelity, where his portfolio of web and mobile investing products ranked #1 in the industry 3 years straight. Mike also served as CEO of Expert Medical Navigation, a web-based telemedicine service which he built from the ground up. As an entrepreneur and tech innovator, Mike has been on the founding team of 3 technology start-ups and holds a patent for web-based personalization. Prior to his executive experience at tech companies, Mike served as a Navy SEAL for over 6 years. Mike’s passion for fitness extends back to 2nd grade, where he competed in road races and wrestling tournaments. Mike later competed in triathlons and adventure races and was an early adopter of group cross-training. Mike holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in Economics & Engineering from the US Naval Academy..