Managing Screen Time: Family and Business Insights

Kim Anenberg Cavallo is the founder and CEO of lilspace , a company that elevates human connection in the digital age. Through phone-free wellness lounges at live events and an unplugged timer app, lilspace is able to make a positive social impact with the incentive to Unplug for a Cause™. Her 25 years experience raising money for nonprofit organizations, event planning community building, brings Kim’s work to the intersection of digital wellness, social action and the music industry. In addition to building lilspace, Kim serves as the National Day of Unplugging and was the co-founder of the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival. Growing up with a Mom who was a therapist, Kim experienced the incredible power of relationships and became concerned when technology was clearly interfering with our human to human connections. Her dedication to protecting relationships and the creation of her company is Kim’s way to honor her mother, Jane Anenberg, who died in 2012.
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About Luis
  Luis A Reyes is a creative media producer and writer whose career charts a winding path through a wide range of media: theater, journalism, comic books, video games, film, television, web content, gaming and more recently virtual reality and augmented reality. This experiential diversity has focused much of his attention on how the intersection of media can elevate audience experiences. Currently, Luis is an executive producer and partner at Butcher Bird Studios, a development and production media studio based in Los Angeles, which has created industrials, commercials, feature films, television shows, web content, and interactive work for clients such as Legendary Entertainment, Viacom, Nat Geo, Boeing, Intel, Toyota, and Air BnB, among many others. He has been instrumental in pioneering new ways for the company to entwine creative technologies (such as VR, AR and Live Streaming) into its productions.
About Lillian Lillian Diaz-Przybyl is a life-long multi-media enthusiast, with a background in comics and teen-oriented content. Co-founder of Sparkler Monthly, an online magazine dedicated to bringing exciting media to teen and college-age women, she’s a former senior editor at TOKYOPOP Inc., has worked as director’s assistant to Takashi Shimizu (director of the Grudge franchise), and is currently a producer for Butcherbird Studios.