The Future of Entertainmet
is Live, Virtual and Hosted!

This week we talk with Maxwell Planck and Kim Adams, Co-Founders of Adventure Lab, a virtual reality game that connects friends and family through cooperative play experiences hosted by a real person, from the comfort of their homes. Their first project “Dr. Crumb’s School for Disobedient Pets,” opened this May. Similar to an escape room, players work together to solve puzzles and meet challenges before time runs out, while being led by a live host. While virtual reality games are not new, combining virtual and live hosts is an exciting and mew approach. We’ll chat with Max and Kim about how they built this exciting experience and what’s coming down the pike for the future of entertainment. The future of VR is live and hosted by Adventure Lab on the Tech Cat Show!l

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Adventure Lab Resources

You and your party have been invited to join the Virtual Investigations Agency (V.I.A.),
an underground group, using the latest VR technology to solve the kind of mysteries the big guys can’t. As new recruits, you will take on the mystery of Dr. Crumb and his School for Disobedient Pets. Find a way to take down the mad scientist before time runs out.



Press Kit for Adventure Land.

About Adventure Lab.

What makes VR special is how it can bring friends together for adventure unlike anything you can do in the real world. We are building the future of event based VR entertainment where spending time in VR feels meaningful, memorable, and delightful.

Adventure Lab is creating a social adventure platform with real live hosts that our guests can experience from anywhere. The platform will enable the next generation of performers and experience creators to customize and game master cooperative play adventures for our guests. We are starting with escape room adventures and will expand into other forms of hosted entertainment. Think role playing games, exploration, game shows, cooperative sports, and tourism.Not only do we believe in creating new ways for us to play together, we also care for all of the talented individuals in the world who need new venues to bring joy to their audience, and make a living while doing it.

We are a team with a proven track record of delivering ground breaking Emmy award-winning VR content, having been the co-founder and leadership of Oculus Story Studio. We have spent our careers growing and working on bleeding-edge entertainment technology teams at Pixar, Google, and Facebook.