The Tech Cat is a fun, often humorous narrative that mixes conversations fromThe Tech Cat Show with Lori’s insights.

Lori presents in a truly relatable way, teaming her knowledge, experience as a businesswoman and mother, and performance background to present our relationship with technology in a refreshing storytelling approach.


As technology redefines our culture, ways of doing business and our lives, how do we navigate the new devices, software, applications, upgrades and buzzwords that cascade into our lives on a seemingly everyday basis? How do we manage a meaningful relationship with technology and its many advantages while improving our lives and businesses?

The changes are profound — never moreso than now. Prior to 2010, who streamed movies on their laptops or TV sets? Before 2012, who had heard of the cloud or smart home apps? Or charged a credit card with a device plugged into a cell phone? Who knew of cryptocurrency before 2014? Or blockchain until 2017? How many have put on VR headsets, or experienced augmented reality? All are making (or have made) fundamental changes to our lives — along with many other forms of technology.

It’s time to embrace the expansion of technology in our lives. We also need to embrace the coolness and efficiencies of our devices, while utilizing their capacities to our fullest benefit.

How do we get there? It starts with a great navigator.

Which brings us to Lori H. Schwartz and The Tech Cat, a groundbreaking book that marries masterful storytelling, new technologies, top influencers, and cultural, personal and business impacts in a compelling narrative resonating with Lori’s refreshing and inviting voice.

Lori, the host of The Tech Cat Show podcast on VoiceAmerica and iTunes (, and a 20-year fixture as a trade show presenter, panel moderator and technology tour facilitator, takes readers on a 12-chapter odyssey. It begins with her remarkable journey from performing arts and storytelling into the tech world. She covers the most disruptive and blockbusting technologies, from virtual reality to blockchain to autonomous vehicles to the Internet of Things, through conversations with more than a dozen major influencers. She weaves their stories into the concurrent story of how these technologies became ubiquitous in our lives and/or our businesses — and how we navigate from here.  

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